Villa Giada

Two centuries of commitment in the management of the vineyards between Langhe and Monferrato

Our wines

Piedmontese wines that combine tradition and experience


Vini naturali nel rispetto della natura e dei suoi equilibri

Piedmontese wines made with passion

The name Villa Giada, acronym of the initials of my parents’ names, was initially used by my grandfather, Giuseppe Faccio, at the beginning of the 70’s when he fully renovated the old family home and expanded the cellar in order to follow the evolution of the wine world.

Those years have marked for our winery the growth of the sale of bottled wine and no longer sold loose in large demijohns as was normal in previous decades.

My thoughts

We live in a world where wine is made from ideas that all resemble each other. Globalization, over-communication and planetary “copy and pasting” have led to wines that seek success through the recognition from “others”.
Hence a wine is good if someone tells you that it is good according to universal standards dictated by the “usual suspects”.
The culture of respecting the land and its unique characteristics is much less common.

Everyone promises personality but, on closer inspection, very few actually bring personality to the bottle. This is why I work harder and harder so that, through my wine I can make others experience the same thrill and emotions I feel every day, as I open the window and enjoy the sight of the hills that I have in front of me.

Being a winemaker

Being a winemaker means taking care of the place where you live, in all its aspects.
It means protecting not only a landscape, but a reality made up of places, customs and traditions.
Wine is the last piece of a process that starts in the vineyard and ends in the bottle, so thata specific territory can express itself and travel the world.

Being a winemaker means respecting nature and its cycles, history, culture and art embodied in every bottle.

At the beginning WINE is …
…a hill
… a furrow crossing the hill
… prune with hands chapped by frost
… tie the shoot to the iron and to the reeds
… remove the shoots from the old wood and tie the ones that bear the fruit
… a sweet scent between lemon and magnolia
… a swarm of bees, a flowering of vines, a blossoming of bunches
… Be colored with soft blue, with straw-colored transparencies
… the hours of the harvest up the hills where the vineyards are tinged with the colors of autumn
… the scent of the must that boils in the vats
At the end THE WINE is … a continuous emotion …