Nizza Docg - Vino popolare, vino raffinato - Villa Giada

This very recent denomination was recognised in 2014, branching off from Barbera d’Asti DOCG, the fruit of many years’ work by producers to get this outstanding product recognised.

The creation of this DOCG is part of an ongoing project to promote the Barbera variety: from a wine which farmers traditionally used to grow for their own consumption, in the 1980s and 90s it began to gain wider probability, marked by an increased devotion to improving its quality and redefining its identity.

This evolution and the search for quality over recent years have paved the way for the recognition of the outstanding properties which this variety offers in its specific geographic location, the so-called “golden triangle” of Barbera d’Asti.

There are 18 villages in Monferrato which overlook the Nizza river basin which represent the crème de la crème of a huge area in which Barbera d’Asti is produced, expressing the full potential of this variety. Rigid production guidelines have established the rules for moving this tradition forward to create a product which has a well-defined appearance and which can hold its own with any of the much-vaunted Piedmont red wines.

Nizza Docg - Vino popolare, vino raffinato - Villa Giada

Made solely from Barbera grapes, Nizza is aged for a minimum of 18 months, at least 6 of which are spent in wooden casks. The grapes must only come from fields which have the best aspect whilst low yields ensure high quality standards.

The resulting wine stands out for its complex flavour and bouquet, elegant and well-structured, ideal for laying down. It offers intense aromas of cherry, prune and dark berries, spirited fruit and spicy notes. On the palate it is well-balanced and enveloping, smooth with moderate tannins. It pairs well with traditional rich Piedmont cuisine, such as braised meat, filled pasta, game dishes and mature cheeses.

Nizza by Villa Giada

Our Dani and Dedicato are at the heart of Villa Giada’s production of Barbera. With loose-packed, medium-textured soil, with a good balance between sand and clay, it is rich in mineral salts and has excellent drainage, the ideal properties for giving the grapes personality and structure without sacrificing pleasure.

The south-east facing vines are worked with immense care and passion to create, our Nizza DOCG from the best harvests only.