VINIFICATION AND AGEING: The grapes need a careful handling. For this reason, the destemming process is carried out very carefully in order to keep the highest quantity of grapes intact. The alcoholic fermentation takes place at a temperature of 29- 30ºC for about twenty days. The long fermentation and the long skin-contact generate a wine with a strong structure that, once bottled, needs a refining period of at least one year.

This wine stands long ageing periods keeping its characteristics intact and getting better year after year.

Colour: bright ruby with purple veins;
Bouquet: ample bouquet with sensations of undergrowth and spices blending with balsamic notes on the finish;
Taste: typical spicy aroma with clear notes of green pepper.

Excellent on his own. Due to Its typical spicy note excellently pairs with pasta courses, tasty first and second courses. Perfect when paired with the typical Piedmontese starters too.