VARIETY: Barbera

VINEYARD: Excellent exposure on marly-calcareous soil. The grapes are hand-harvested at the end of September.
Grapes from Certified Sustainable Agriculture.

VINIFICATION AND AGEING: After a careful hand selection in the vineyards, the best bunches are carried in our cellars in small baskets where they are carefully de-stemmed and crushed. The fermentation is carried out in stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature of 28-30°C and proceeds for a few weeks. After the malolactic fermentation and a short rest period in stainless steel tanks, during the first months of the year following the harvest, the wine begins his aging in mid size oak barrels and traditional big oak cask where it ages for about 12 months. After bottling, the wine is kept at a constant temperature in dark cellars and in lay-down bottles until it reaches a perfect refining. GASTRONOMIC

This wine owes its name to the ancient oak tree on the highest point of the vineyard from which the grapes originate. It is the most traditional Barbera that we produce, bottled unfiltered. Given its great structure, this wine maintains its unchanged characteristics for many years, which are refined and exalted over time.

Colour: deep ruby red tending towards garnet;
Bouquet: intense, ripe aromas that give it great character;
Taste: wine with complex and persuasive structure, full-bodied and rich, with clear notes of small red berries.

Rich in body, warm and robust, is a wine that pairs perfectly to our hearty traditional dishes. Perfect with pasta and full bodied main courses.