Nature, tradition, experience

Where is a great wine made? On the vine, of course. The greatness of a wine is the result of the character of the land, the vineyard and, last all, the people whose patient work and loving care allow nature to full express itself as part of our culture.

We are fortunate to be in this unique landscape in the hills near Canelli, hills where the Langhe meets Monferrato. Our heritage is a source of great pride and it demands a fitting tribute from us by respecting and protecting this land which is our home.

Villa Giada - Stile produttivo - Cantina storica a Canelli

This is the basis for our production philosophy: working with nature, with a firm yet gentle hand in constant partnership, to minimise the amount of work required in the cellars.

Wine is a land’s voice, telling its story and its hopes for the future. Being a vine grower means caring for every aspect of the land where you live. Protecting not just the landscape but the way it has been shaped by culture, customs and traditions. Wine is the final step in a process which begins on the vine and ends in the bottle, allowing the land to express itself and conquer the world.