In harmony with nature, from vine to bottle

For us, sustainability has always been imperative, long before it became more widely used. For us, therefore, it is not an abstract notion but a reality of everyday life which infuses every aspect of our work, from the grapes on the vines to bottles ready for dispatch; in this sense, we can call ourselves pioneers.

We like to consider ourselves custodians of the land, convinced as we are that wine is an excellent and revealing storyteller and spokesperson for the land. A glass of our wine should be an intense and authentic experience, the fruit of our profound respect for the vines and for the environment around them.

Since the end of the 1990s, we have taken an integrated pest management approach, preferring practices which have a low environmental impact in order to minimise the impact on nature. In the 2000s, we were among the first producers to apply sustainable farming practices.

We only use natural products on the vineyard, without any synthetic pesticides and we combat harmful insects by helping those which we consider to be friendly. This is why the land is covered with grass and wild flowers to attract bees. To keep the soil fertile, we use traditional techniques and only when we see specific deficiencies do we use natural products, such as green manure.

Vini naturali e sostenibili - Villa Giada - Cantina a Canelli

Any human intervention is always carried out with complete respect for the rhythms and balances of nature, constantly focussing on the highest quality yield, without compromises. All work on the vines and in the cellar is performed by hand wherever possible, in particular the harvest, to ensure that the best grapes are carefully selected and their sensory properties.

In recent years, as part of our aim to continuously improve our respect for nature, we have obtained the official certification Vegan ok az. N. 0716, reflecting our desire to remove all animal products from the winery.

Vini naturali e sostenibili - Villa Giada - Cantina a Canelli

360° sustainability

At Villa Giada, we believe that care for the environment has many facets: for us it is not just the natural way of managing the vines, it must also extend to every aspect of production.

We are proud of a landscape which is unique in the world and we apply virtuous practices to protect its biodiversity as much as possible, combining traditional techniques with modern expertise and cutting-edge technologies to make our own contribution to environmental protection.

We use energy from renewable sources, such as electricity generated from our solar panels. We are also careful about saving water and our motorised vehicles are fitted with the latest generation of particulate filters.