Villa Giada

Our story

The name Villa Giada, acronym of the initials of the names of my parents, was first used by my grandfather, Giuseppe Faccio, at the beginning of the 70’s.

The Azienda Agricola Villa Giada comes from over two centuries of commitment in vineyard management. The historic core of the winery, where now our best wines age in barrels, was built in 1790.

In 1940 the new part of the cellar was built to produce Moscato d’Asti, whose production required considerable technological work.
In the same period, the traditional and important aging red wines in Piedmont reach affirmation: Nebbiolo, with Barolo and Barbaresco as well as Barbera.
The most suitable areas for the production of Barbera were identified, and the village of Agliano Terme, where we have our vineyards, was recognized as the best terroir.
The best crus come right from this area, which makes Barbera an important wine on the Italian wine scene.


Villa Giada today

Villa Giada Wine Estate is in the heart of the wine-growing area of ​​Piedmont, halfway between the hills of Asti and Alba, where Monferrato and Langhe meet.
We are on the beautiful hills of Canelli, in the heart of the MonferratoUNESCO World Heritage Site.

The estate is made up of more than 25 hectares of vineyards grouped around three old farmhouses, not far from each other.
Cascina Ceirole in the municipality of Canelli, is the original nucleus of the property with the winemaking cellar and 7 hectares of vineyards found at about 320 meters above sea level.
Cascina del Parroco, consists of a 4-hectare vineyard on a small plateau overlooking the valley of the Nizza river.
Cascina Dani in Agliano Terme, is the heart of the Barbera production region. 14 hectares in an excellent position on a loose and medium-textured soil, with a good balance between sand and clay, rich in mineral salts and well drained.
Dani, exposed to the south-east, is where we harvest our best grapes, vinified with care in order to better enhance the particular characteristics of this vineyard.

The cellar contains today the most advanced wine-making equipment. Here tradition and modern technology come together to obtain wines that can best convey the character of the territory.

The aging of the wine is carried out in the old cellar dug under the main house more than two centuries ago: here the temperature is maintained constant at around 14 – 16 ° C and optimal humidity around 80%.


Villa Giada is part of the Italian Federation of Independent Winegrowers, and what makes this federation so strong is the awareness that every single individual has respect for his role.
There is the awareness of being witnesses and interpreters of a territory, but especially of being the protectors of it.