The territory

Between Langhe and Monferrato

Between Langhe and Monferrato a sequence of hills that begin in the most southern part with the territory of the noble Barolo and arrive at Villa Giada passing through Barbaresco and the golden hills of Moscato.

This clayey limestone area on the right side of the river Tanaro, halfway between Asti and Alba, is famous for its vineyards cultivated with Barbera, the queen of Piedmontese wines. This grape finds today in the denomination “Nizza D.o.c.g.“, the delineation of a restricted territory and particularly suited for its excellence. Agliano Terme is one of the most important municipalities of the appellation, and expresses the importance of Barbera by linking it to numerous events that take place in its honor throughout the year.
Viticulture has been the symbol of our hills for thousands of years, tradition and source of life, a perfect integration of nature with human experience.

Our territory is our fortune, the secret of the success of Piedmontese wines all over the world.
Our hills are perfectly recognizable in the definition given by the term “terroir”: a group of lands that are more or less variable in nature of their soil (agronomic and geopedological characteristics), their position and their environment (topography, exposure, etc …) have revealed themselves, through experience and uses (vines and breeding systems), conducive to the production of quality wines.

The uniqueness created by the interaction of all this with the work and culture of man is the main reason that led the UNESCO to consider these hills an area of ​​such importance as to be protected as aWorld Heritage site.
We have a wealth of native vines and biodiversity that no other wine-producing area has.

It is therefore the task of all, to protect with concrete acts and to continue to protect this important heritage of humanity.