The winery

The winery in Canelli, Monferrato

Built at the beginning of the 19th century and recently enlarged, the Cantina di Villa Giada is in the municipality of Canelli, on the hill of Ceirole.
Equipped with all the latest technology, we are able vinify the grapes at our best and to refine over time the fruit of our efforts.
Every step in the transformation process from the arrival of the grapes, to the fermentation, the maturation, the bottling, the aging and up to the shipment of the wines, is kept in particular consideration and is studied with the aim of reaching the best final result.

“Behind a door there is a cellar with a staircase that seems cut into the tuff: the barrels, the bottles, some lying down, others standing up .. it is there that every year the hills become … WINE”

The birth of wine


The wine is born in the vineyard: it is nature that bears fruit to us, but it is man’s job to try to transform what he receives after months of hard work in the countryside.

There are four important moments, from each of these we try to get the best:

  • The arrival of the grapes in the cellar, with the selection of the best bunches and vinification
  • Fermentation and evolution in tanks.
  • The maturation in barrels, in the traditional underground cellar at constant temperature and humidity.
  • Bottling and refining in the bottle before shipping.

It is possible to carry out guided tours of the winerytastings and, above all, it is possible to appreciate our products in total relaxation surrounded by good food and vineyards, staying at our farmhouse Cascina Dani.

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