Rosè sparkling wine


Rosè sparkling wine of Villa Giada is a blend of Nebbiolo and Barbera, two of the most traditional grape varieties of Piedmont.
The blend reflects the diversity and at the same time the complementarity of the two grape varieties.


The harvest takes place several days earlier than the traditional harvesting period in order to preserve the characteristics of freshness and minerality in wine.
A few hours of maceration in contact with the skins and a delicate pressing give the must a light and pleasant rosy note along with good tannins.
A part of the must ferments in the barrels and remains on the lees for a few months before being blended with the rest, which is fermented for at least 12 months in steel tanks at controlled pressure. This process is called “Martinotti” (a sort of long Charmat), named after the inventor of Asti, who experimented with it for the first time in 1895.


A fruity and fresh rosé with a lively and complex bouquet of red fruits (wild strawberries, raspberries and cherries).


The pleasant acidity of Barbera and the soft tannins of Nebbiolo make this Piedmontese sparkling wine perfect as an aperitif or paired with various types of dishes throughout the meal.