Surì moscato

Moscato d’Asti D.o.p.


Moscato Bianco di Canelli


On the hill of Ceirole, in the municipality of Canelli.
The excellent exposure varies from south east to south west.
Harvested in September. Certified Integrated Pest Management Agriculture.


The microclimate and calcareous composition of the soil of this historic hill, generate a Muscat grape with characteristics unanimously recognized as unique.
Fast vinification and very soft pressing make it possible to obtain typical and intense aromas. The few filtrations, to which the must is submitted, keep the exceptional aromatic characteristics of this wine intact.
The short fermentation and the use of selected yeasts until the development of about 5% alcohol, leaves a pleasant, contained and persistent vivacity.
After bottling, which takes place in a sterile environment, the wine is refined for at least a month in our cellar in order to reach its optimal conditions.


Colors : Brilliant golden yellow.
Bouquet : Aromatic, fragrant and delicate, with sage and citrus scents.
Taste : Balanced, sweet, full, fresh, intense and persistent, typical of the freshly picked grapes.


Superior white dessert wine, delicious with fruit and pastry in general, ideal with hazelnut cake.
It is an excellent wine as a thirst-quencher throughout the day.