Nizza D.o.p.




From the oldest vines of a part of our “Nizza” vineyards to Agliano Terme, optimal exposure to the South-East.
Certified Sustainable Agriculture.


Grapes are harvested by hand at the beginning of October, when some of the bunches start slightly overripening.
The alcoholic fermentation is done in steel tanks at a controlled temperature and requires contact with the skins for at least 3 weeks. This is followed by the malolactic fermentation which is carried out spontaneously again in steel tanks.
At the beginning of the following year after the harvest, refinement is carried out in small oak barrels and lasts at least 18 months. After bottling, the wines remain in the cellar in bottles which are kept for at least a year in a lying down position, thus continuing its evolution to the best.


Color: Intense ruby ​​red with deep purple reflections.
Bouquet: Rich and intense, full and persistent with scents of liquorice and tobacco.
Taste: Smooth and warm. Scents of liquorice and dark cherry, with a long finish rich of balsamic notes. Cocoa and very intense spicy taste.
This wine, given its structure, maintains and enhances its characteristics for many years, refining over time.


You can even drink it without food.
It goes well with structured dishes such as those typical of Piedmontese autumn cuisine.
The great complexity and sweetness of the tannins mean it can also be combined with chocolate.