Piedmont Chardonnay Cortese D.o.p.


Chardonnay, Cortese


Property owned vineyards in the municipality of Canelli, with calcareous marl soil which is traditionally suited for white wines which gives it its structure and aromas. The favorable position, the ideal exposure and the good aeration of the bunches favor the maturation of high quality grapes. The hand-picked harvest begins in the first weeks of September.
Eco-compatible vineyard according to EC Regulation n. 1257/99.


The harvested bunches are placed in small boxes, brought to the cellar de-stemmed and immediately pressed with care.
The must obtained is fermented at the controlled temperature of 14/16 ° C to accentuate and enhance the perfumes and aromas which are typical of these vines. A part of the must finishes its fermentation in small oak barrels. The remaining part is left on its lees in stainless steel tanks; it will then be assembled and left to rest in the bottle for a few months.


Color: Intense bright yellow with greenish reflections.
Bouquet: Delicate, with notes of flower and citrus fruits. Predominant scents of rennet and exotic fruits.
Taste: Complex and silky, full bodied and rich, with citrus, minerality and fruit flavour. Wine with a strong personality which adds complexity with age.


It is a wine that goes well with appetizers and light main courses. Excellent as an aperitif.